Exclusive Cosmeterie Beauty Advent Calendar

Exclusive Cosmeterie Beauty Advent Calendar

Limited-edition & coveted by beauty junkies

2020 has flown by like no other year. And, just like that, Christmas is a mere few weeks away! For extra cheer this Christmas season, we've handcrafted a limited edition Cosmeterie Advent Calendar packed to the brim with 24 beauty treats. In each individual bag lies a little must-have surprise that our experts have handpicked from the Cosmeterie catalogue to brighten up your day.

“One of the coolest advent calendars! I look forward to it every year. " - Sonja

24 Premium Beauty Surprises

Each of the 24 reusable and hand-filled fabric bags contains a premium-quality beauty surprise that has been carefully selected by experts. The contents of the advent calendar will remain a secret as not to spoil the surprise. However, what we can reveal, is that it contains original and luxury samples from the most sought-after beauty brands, such as:

If you'd like to follow the reveal of each little surprise on a daily basis, then follow Cosmeterie on Instagram. All will be revealed in our "Advent 2020" highlight.

“Wonderful calendar, in cotton little bags that you can easily re-use, large choice of different products. Every little thing will find an owner, and all come from good quality brands.” - Anne

Secure your Cosmeterie Advent Calendar now

  • Limited-edition Advent Calendars
  • Worth more than € 270
  • 24 fabric bags
  • A mix of original sizes & luxury samples
  • Handmade
  • Information cards in each box

All that's left to say is: grab yours before we're completely sold out!