High-quality Scented Candles for a Cozy Home Atmosphere

High-quality Scented Candles for a Cozy Home Atmosphere

Cozy fragrance that set the mood

When it is cold and foggy outside, the longing for warmth and cosiness starts to creep in. A delicate shimmer here, a pleasant scent there. Scented candles are ideal for creating an appealing atmosphere in your home.

Special fragrances

At Cosmeterie, you will find extraordinary and high-quality fragrances that adapt perfectly to your current mood. Whether you're in the mood for invigorating and woody fragrances, fresh and exhilarating scents or wonderfully warm and velvety notes, we've got your back! Scented candles are not only good at setting specific mood. High-quality candles housed in elegant glass holders are a aesthetically-pleasing and styling decorative element to add to your interior decor.

Candles with high-quality perfume oils

When choosing scented candles, we recommend paying close attention to the ingredients. Natural, pure essential oils are a decisive factor. Industrially made candles should be avoided as they can cause headaches and irritation. Here, you will only find high-quality candles that
With us you will only find high quality candles with a long burn period.

LOOOPS candles from Austria

Your heart will warm up quickly to the wonderful, naturally scented LOOOPS candles. These candles are based on a very special kind of wax: vegan, renewable and obtained from sunflowers. The green glass holders are both characteric and appealing. They are sourced from recycled Austrian wine bottles that are carefully handcrafted into elegant candle holders. From invigorating "Bergluft" to romantic "Knisterfeuer", there are a beautiful variety of candles to choose from - exuding soothing scents

The basis of the candles is a very special wax: vegan, renewable and obtained from the sunflower without long transport routes. The green color of the glasses is both memorable and characteristic. These are used, Austrian wine bottles that are carefully handcrafted and cut and ground in our own production. From the invigorating mountain air to the romantic chimney whisper - enwrapped in pampering aromas that create a true candlelight oasis in the home.

Discover LOOOPS scented candles!


The scented candles by Design Bubbles have a cotton wick and are made from natural, organic soy wax. They are then hand-poured into cut champagne bottles. The elegant scented candles are the perfect gift idea for champagne lovers.

Each individual candle is lovingly made by hand in Munich, Germany. Discover Design Bubbles!