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Who We Are

This online shop is part of the niceshops group. The niceshops group is an Austrian company that specialises in the development of online shops in various product segments represented in several European markets.

Each month, nearly one million people visit our online stores, and as a result, 25 000 orders are generated on a monthly basis. The packages are assembled in our logistics centre in the south-east of Austria and are dispatched across the globe.

Our online shops have a few things in common:

  • a finely sized offering from the respective area.
  • an excellent price-performance ratio.
  • perfect, fastest possible delivery and purchasing process
  • trouble-free Warranty and Returns Policy
  • friendly and competent customer service
  • AND: a number of regular customers, who, due to their feedback, has been part of forming the structure of our various online shops.

The central pillars of our philosophy are sustainability and environmental protection.

Sustainability was the main focus during the planning stages of our new logistics centre and was integrated into various areas of construction. Our company strives to be a role model, therefore, we did not shy away from the costs and the effort it took to reach the goals that were set out. The most important sustainability factors in the construction process of our new logistics centre were:

  • Wood: the naturally renewable raw material played an essential role in the construction process. A total of 680 m³ of wood was used throughout the building. Every m³ of wood stores one ton of CO2, resulting in binding a total of 680 tons of CO2.
  • Insulation: the padding process also played a vital factor in regard to saving energy. The insulation value of the roof is approximately 0.18 W/m2K and the insulation within the walls amounts to a thickness of 16 cm.
  • Heating and cooling: A biogas plant, that also has a biomass furnace, is located approximately one kilometre away from our logistics centre and is used for heating our new logistics centre.
  • Energy-efficient appliances.
  • Biodegradable filling materials used for our packages.

We only have one planet, therefore, sustainability and environmental protection form the central pillars of our company's philosophy, and our team strives to preserve its beauty and diversity.

Ecco Verde

Ecco Verde - The Natural & Organic Cosmetics Online Shop

At Ecco Verde, you will find a wide variety of natural and organic cosmetic products manufactured internationally. From hand creams, shampoos and body care products to a vast array of skin-friendly, mineral makeup. At Ecco Verde, you are sure to find what your heart desires!

Shop high-quality organic cosmetics here: Ecco Verde International | Ecco Verde United Kingdom


VitalAbo - The Wellness Shop

VitalAbo offers a variety of assorted dietary supplements specially formulated for health, sport and wellness produced by well-known manufacturers.

Dietary supplements and sports nutrition: VitalAbo International | VitalAbo United Kingdom


EquusVitalis - Horse Feed Supplements

EquusVitalis offers a wide range of feed, mineral substances, specialities as well as care products for horses. Well-known brands found in our online shop such as St. Hippolyt, Eggersmann, Stiefel, Nösenberger, Lexa and Gladiator Plus are market leaders in their fields, including our very own, high-quality brand, EquusVitalis.

High-quality horse feed supplements and more (only available in Germany and Austria): EquusVitalis Germany | EquusVitalis Austria

Genuss Region Shop

Genuss Region - Culinary Cuisine from Austria

GENUSS REGION ÖSTERREICH is a protected brand that is part of the Agricultural Market Austria Marketing GmbH and the Agricultural Ministry. It puts the regional agricultural products and specialities out in the open for consumers to enjoy. Austria's strength is its distinctive cultural landscapes and culinary specialities. Traditional and regional food does not only mean enjoyment but also depicts Austrian identity and belonging.

The best that Austria has to offer, delivered straight to your doorstep: Genuss Region Shop International


Bloomling - Enchant your Garden

Enchant your garden or balcony with a wide variety of products offered by Bloomling. Choose from a wide selection of plant species, by placing an order from the comfort of your home and have it delivered straight to your doorstep.

High-quality seeds and accessories for the garden (only available in German): Bloomling Germany | Bloomling Austria

Ayurveda101 - The Ayurvedic Lifestyle

Ayurveda101 offers selected Ayurvedic food, food supplements, personal care items, massage and wellness accessories. We put great care into offering only the best, high-quality, natural and organic products in our assortment. All the products on offer are free from chemical additives and synthetic flavouring.

Ayurveda101: Ayurveda101 International | Ayurveda101 United Kingdom


Lederhose - Traditional Attire

We deliver traditional attire worldwide. We have concentrated on international shipping to ensure that yodelling takes place in even the most remote corners of the globe. At Lederhose.com you will find the trendiest traditional attire and accessories as well as unusual ideas that are difficult to find elsewhere.

Traditional attire: Lederhose.com


BikeOnlineShop - For the Pro in You

More than 40 000 products for biking professionals or those aspiring to be. The best brands and products can be found at our BikeOnlineShop.

100 Brands and thousands of products for biking enthusiasts: Bikeonlineshop International


Interismo - High-quality Home Decor

The online shop for high-quality home decor. Here you will find everything your heart desires for your home interior decorating needs. Well-known manufacturers that produce individual home decor.

High-quality accessories for your home: Interismo United Kingdom


pools.shop - Swimming Pools & Accessories

Everything you need for your swimming pool is just a few clicks away. Great swimming pools for your home and more. Free delivery from 400 Euro.

Swimming pools and accessories (Available for Austria and Germany only): pools.shop Germany | pools.shop Austria