AHAVA: The Power of Nature AHAVA: The Power of Nature

The highly effective cosmetic collection by AHAVA promotes a flawless, revitalised complexion. Natural ingredients paired with environmentally-conscious production methods create cosmetics in tune with nature.

The Hype - Effectiveness of Retinol in Skincare The Hype - Effectiveness of Retinol in Skincare

The popular anti-aging active ingredient reduces the appearance of wrinkles, fortifies the structure of the skin and provides antioxidant protection. Find out all the deets about the all-rounder in today's blog post.

Dark Under-eye Circles - 5 Useful Tips Dark Under-eye Circles - 5 Useful Tips

Swollen eyes and dark circles around the eyes, especially after a long night out or strenuous week, are familiar to many of us. But, what can we do to counteract the appearance of dark circles? Here are 5 easy-to-follow tips listed in today's blog...

Meet the Founder: éternel Meet the Founder: éternel

In our recent Meet the Founder Edit we're highlighting the face behind the éternel brand, founder Sihame Aziz.

Food Supplement in Cosmetics Food Supplement in Cosmetics

Dietary supplements are no longer merely linked to physical and mental performance. More and more, bathroom cabinets are lined up with pills, ampoules and encapsulated tablets for cosmetic purposes.

The Best Serum for your Skin The Best Serum for your Skin

Nourishing serums perfectly compliment any beauty regimen, however, only when they are formulated for your specific skin needs. Find out which serum best suits your skin type and skincare concern in today's blog post!

5 Beauty Hacks for Summer 5 Beauty Hacks for Summer

Summer, sunshine and sandy beaches - we love the warmer season of the year! It's high time we adapt our beauty routines accordingly. Find out the best beauty hacks for summer in today's beauty blog!

Salicylic Acid / BHA - The Inside Scoop Salicylic Acid / BHA - The Inside Scoop

Salicylic acid or BHA - we know the ingredient by both names, especially when it comes to exfoliating peels. The active ingredient ensures a healthier, more even and radiant complexion. Find out how it works and if it is a must-have for your...

Meet the Founder: Zarkoperfume Meet the Founder: Zarkoperfume

Cosmeterie in conversation with Zarko Ahlmann Pavlov, the founder of the Danish fragrance brand Zarkoperfume. Inspired by Scandinavian flair, the brand is particularly renowned for its magnificent molecule fragrances.

5 Summertime Beauty Tips 5 Summertime Beauty Tips

Glistening sunrays, golden skin and feel-good vibes - we simply can't wait for summer to arrive! But with summer just around the corner, we're faced with a different constellation of possible skincare concerns. Read more here!