Luscious Lashes

Luscious Lashes

The Mascara Edit

Give your look a WOW effect with beautifully groomed eyelashes! Add volume, length or a curl effect with our useful tips!

Volume effect

Are your eyelashes rather fine? Then we recommend mascaras that have a thicker brush head with several bristles. The bristles coat each and every lash for a more voluminous appearance.

Our tip: The Black Nano Mascara Nutrition & Natural Growth by M2 BEAUTÉ not only ensures breathtakingly long, jet black and voluminous eyelashes, with regular use it also stimulates eyelash growth thanks to highly effective amino acids. The volume brush optimally sculpts the lashes while a highly effective care complex makes the eyelashes more resistant.

Perfect curl

Create a "lifting" effect by applying mascara close to the lashline. Use an eyelash curler to intensify the effect,

Our tip: The Limitless Lash Mascara by ILIA Beauty has an innovative, two-sided brush that enables precise application, lengthens your lashes and provides more curl. The nourishing formula consists of 99% natural ingredients and contains nourishing shea butter, arginine and beeswax.

Defined lashes

Do you prefer a natural look? Then we recommend mascara brushes that have many small bristles that are bundled close together. The eyelashes are separated and coated in one easy stroke.

Our tip: Buildable volume without clumping: thanks to its hourglass shape, the Unlash Me Mascara by SUPERFLUID reaches every lash so that the product can be distributed evenly - for naturally defined lashes!

Long lashes

In order to optically lengthen shorter eyelashes, you should choose a mascara that has a rather fine and long brush. The mascara is then able to coat each lash from root to tip. When applying the mascara, make sure you really pull the mascara down to the end of the lashes so that the tips are emphasised.

Our tip: The Natural Mascara PANGO by NUI Cosmetics glides gently over the lashes and provides length and volume. The natural formula contains coffee and herbs to stimulate eyelash growth.