Zodiac Edition: Pisces (20.2. - 20.3.) ♓

Zodiac Edition: Pisces (20.2. - 20.3.) ♓

Beauty products make their heart skip a beat

Pisces are characterised by their pronounced helpful and empathetic nature. They are very sensitive, strong and patient when dealing with their fellow human beings. Pisces are understanding and described as particularly romantic.

Today, we're revealing the true characteristics of Pisces and which beauty products are sure to make their hearts skip a beat!


Birthday: between 20.2. and 20.3.

Element: water

Planet: Neptune

Birthstone: rose quartz

Power colour: green

Flower: water lily

Positive characteristics:

  • good-natured
  • imaginative
  • intuitive
  • empathetic
  • artistic

Zodiac Beauty Set: Pisces

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