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Face Mask Edit

The Perfect Face Mask for Various Skin Concerns

Face masks cover a broad spectrum of textures and contain various ingredient blends to achieve one collective goal: improving the appearance of the complexion in the long run. This week we're giving you the insider scoop on which face mask is perfect for your skin type.

Cream Masks

Cream masks are known to have a thick consistency that is easily applied to the skin with the help of a brush or using your fingers. Due to their nutrient-rich compositions that have a high conditioning effect on all skin types, dry and mature skin in particular.

Gel Maks

Gel masks deliver a boost of freshness, replenishing the moisture levels within the skin and nourishing actives are responsible for a rejuvenated visage. The result? Skin that is bouncy, full and naturally glowing.

Clay Masks

Face masks made up of clays are used to deep cleanse the skin. They are often used on skin that is impure or oily. Clay masks absorb excess sebum and unclog the pores to prevent any further blackheads or skin impurities from forming.

Overnight Masks

Overnight masks are particularly rich in texture and their active ingredients are effectively absorbed by the skin at night. The advantage is that all "sleeping masks" are essentially identical in use: Use a "sleeping" mask once a week instead of your regular face mask. Simply apply the mask to the face after cleansing using circular motions and gently massage until absorbed. Rinse off the mask in the morning to reveal skin that is fresh and exhilarated. If you have sensitive skin it is advised to patch test a small area of skin to rule out intolerability before use.

Exfoliating Masks

Mildly acidic, finely ground particles (such as volcanic ash or clay) or enzymes that exfoliate the skin to remove dead skin cells and absorb excess sebum are found in exfoliating face masks for a silky-smooth finish. Furthermore, the skincare treatment refines the pores while the deep-cleansing effect counteracts skin impurities. These types of face masks are ideal for skin that is prone to impurities and oiliness.

Sheet Masks

Sheet masks are made up of a thin, face-shaped sheet fabric that is drenched in serum that contains concentrated active ingredients. The masks are packaged individually and are easily unfolded when needed. Simply place the mask on the face avoiding the eye and mouth areas. The advantage of using sheet masks is that they are a drip-free alternative to conventional face masks. The fabric contains the perfect proportion of actives so there is no need to worry about mixing the correct amount of individual components.