Zodiac Edition: Taurus (21.4. - 20.5.) ♉︎

Zodiac Edition: Taurus (21.4. - 20.5.) ♉︎

Beauty products that make their heart skip a beat!

Strong-willed, self-confident and loveable. People born under the sign of Taurus have a particularly loyal soul and are the perfect listeners as well as loyal and warm-hearted companions.

Today, we're revealing the true characteristics of our fellow Taurus and which beauty products are sure to make their hearts skip a beat!


Birthday: between 21.4. and 20.5.

Element: earth

Planet: Venus

Birthstone: amber

Power colour: (forest) green

Flower: lily of the valley

Positive characteristics:

  • reliable
  • creative
  • loyal
  • patient
  • down-to-earth

Zodiac Beauty Set: Taurus

We have compiled an exclusive beauty set for the special Taurus in your life. It is based on the characteristics of the Taurus and the power colour (forest) green.

This set includes:

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