Beauty Tips for the Winter Months

Beauty Tips for the Winter Months

Glowing skin and glossy hair this festive season

Cold temperatures can take a toll on our skin and hair. A dry and lacklustre appearance may be the result. We have the perfect cosmetic products that are sure to pamper your skin during winter.

Tip #1: Gentle care for delicate skin

A warm shower after a brisk winter walk is the quickest way to up body temperature. The right products can also help to re-energise the skin. The Good Karma Body Wash by I WANT YOU NAKED cleanses in a particularly mild way and envelops your body with a refreshing scent obtained from tangerine and bay leaves. The moisturising Hand & Body Wash Elderflower by L:A BRUKET also ensures a soft, well-nourished skin feel.

Tip #2: Rich formulas for added shine and volume

Preserve the summer-glossy hair look during winter with nourishing active ingredients. Rahua shampoos, like the Color Full Shampoo, supply the hair with vital nutrients from roots to ends and ensure a radiant and fresh appearance.

Always follow up with hydrating hair oils, like the Fushi Really Good Hair Oil, or dry oils, such as NUXE's Huile Prodigieuse. The hair oils are formulated to provide the hair and the scalp with highly nourishing effects.