5 Tips for a Radiant Smile

5 Tips for a Radiant Smile

Discover a few tips for a dazzling smile

We are all familiar with people that enter a room with a radiant smile and cast a spell over everyone. The trick? Proper dental care! Follow the tips listed in today's blog post and you too can achieve a head-turning smile!

1. Dental care tip: It's all about technology

As a child, you were probably also taught how important it is to brush your teeth. But what is also important, similar to most things in life, is the right technique. The very simple but particularly efficient "red and white technique" has proven itself most effective. This entails moving the brush in an up and down, continuously motion from the gums (red) to the tooth crown (white).

In addition, it is essential not only to free your teeth from food residues, but also from plaque. The use of a toothbrush alone is often not sufficient, which is why experts recommend the use of dental floss.

2. Dental care tip: Reach for the right care products

You should not only pay attention to the choice of the right toothpaste, but also to the quality of the toothbrush itself.

Toothpaste: Gentle but thorough cleaning, that's the motto here. Make sure your toothpaste contains fluoride, as this ingredient has been shown to prevent tooth decay.

Toothbrush: When buying your toothbrush, pay attention to the hardness of the bristles. In the case of healthy gums, experts recommend medium hardness. The ideal toothbrush also has a small brush head (2-3cm) in order to be able to clean to hard to reach areas.

3. Dental care tip: Proper nutrition

It's pretty much common knowledge that beverages, such as tea and coffee can stain the teeth. But, are there certain food types that can brighten them? Yes, find out how to eat your way to a radiant smile! down below!

Calcium: Even as a child we were given a glass of milk with the intention of strengthening our bones. Dairy products like cheese or yoghurt are rich in calcium, and calcium is needed for strong teeth. That is why a daily supply of calcium is particularly important for healthy teeth. For the vegans among us, broccoli and cauliflower are also very high in calcium!

Whole grains: That sounds strange at first, but our saliva is able to neutralise acids and wash away food residues. Saliva flow, in turn, is stimulated by extensive chewing. Chewing whole grains as opposed to refined flour does just the ticket. It has also been shown that carbohydrates from whole-grain products are particularly gentle on the teeth.

Nuts: Hazelnuts or almonds are rich in calcium, however, in this case, we're looking at a different aspect: light, natural peeling for the teeth. The consistency of nuts provides gentle exfoliation when chewing on them. At the same time, they serve as a sugar-reducing snack while the calcium contained strengthens the teeth.

4. Dental care tip: Oil pulling

Oil pulling is no longer a secret concept. It is used in the morning, with the aim of detoxifying the oral cavity using a high-quality oil. The oil is supposed to remove toxins from the oral mucosa that have accumulated over the night.

5. Dental care tip: Lozenges

For dental care on-the-go, there is now a large selection of dental pastilles. These not only freshen your breath but also provide your teeth and gums with valuable active ingredients throughout the day. Make sure that the product contains vitamin C or vitamin D, for example.