Winter Beauty Routine

Winter Beauty Routine

The cold paired with the artificial air of a heated room take a toll on our skin and hair. Sebum production and the moisture deposits decrease resulting in wrinkles caused by dryness, rough and unpleasantly taut skin as well as brittle hair. Our beauty routine should thus be adjusted to the needs of the skin and hair during the colder months of the year. During winter oils, serums, moisturisers, cold creams, masks and rich body lotions are in demand to maintain the health of the skin.


To balance moisture loss that is apparent during winter it is best to opt for face care products with a higher content of fatty substances. Nutrient-rich creams, face oils and masks are perfect for hydrating the skin. Chemical peels should be avoided during this time since they serve to remove the upper layer of the skin which may irritate drier areas of the skin. However, always protect the skin with an SPF - all year round.
Allrounder: The Lixirskin Universal Emulsion contains nourishing shea butter. It is a multi-functional product that can be used for the face, contour of the eyes, lips, neck, decollete, arms and hands.


The lips are particularly delicate. The skin of the lips lacks sebaceous glands that form a protective fatty layer on the skin. Therefore, the lips should be protected by other means, especially during winter. The fushi Rescue Lip Botanicals is packed to the rim with skin-softening ingredients. Neem extract, castor bean oil, calendula extract, murumuru butter and organic ghee (clarified butter) work in synergy to nourish and intensively moisturise the skin.

Hands & Feet

The heels of the feet can become very calloused during winter and the hands take on a drier feel. Lipid-replenishing hand creams, foot creams with urea and masks can serve as an instant moisturising solution. It is, however, essential to moisturise these areas of the body regularly to avoid the occurrence of chapped skin. The NUORI Enriched Hand Lotion restores the moisture levels of the skin after cleansing thanks to a natural formula that nourishes the hands with the help of shea butter, olive squalane, grapeseed and sweet almond oils. White tea extract and vitamin E provide added antioxidant protection.


Taking a scorching hot bath or shower removes the skin's natural fatty layer. Therefore, it is advised to moisturise the body daily with a rich body cream or body oil. Nourishing additives and skin-pampering oils can be added to the bathwater for increased nourishment. The True North Moisturising Body Lotion 8.1 delivers intensive moisture and provides the skin with nourishing ingredients obtained from olive oil, aloe vera and shea butter.

Hair Care

Dry air in heated rooms dehydrates the hair which causes brittleness. Hair masks and oils are a fantastic go-to solution that nourishes and hydrates the strands. The Abhati Suisse Chambal Sacred Hair Oil tames and moisturises the hair while it nourishes and promotes hair growth. An alluring blend of Indian oils fully pampers the hair - and the body!