New Year, New Me - Detox Your Way to Renewed Energy

New Year, New Me - Detox Your Way to Renewed Energy

Positive effects on the body, skin & hair

Enhance inner and outer glow

The cold weather paired with the ongoing lockdown has resulted in our being less active and consuming more junk food than we probably should. This does not do the body good in the long run, giving way to lethargy, sluggishness and an overall feeling of being out of balance. Impurities start forming on the skin and the hair becomes thinner and more dull as a result of consuming fewer nutrients. Follow our easy tips to get back on the right track.

Proper detox products can cleanse the body from within and awaken resilience. Discover our range of high-quality detox products and dietary supplements that revive and reawaken the body. A detox treatment boosts the metabolism and rids the body of harmful substances. In combination with a balanced diet and mental motivation tips is sure to steer you back into gear.

Energy for body, skin and hair

The Tonik

The Tonik is a collected of aesthetically beautiful nutritional supplements that consist of all-natural ingredients with proven effects that contribute to your well-being. The liquid-filled capsules are comprised of apple cider vinegar, coconut oil turmeric or hemp oil. They are easy to swallow thanks to their gel structure. The Tonik nutritional supplements ensure that you are supplied with important nutrients known for their positive effect on the body and the skin.

YLUMI - Beauty from within

YULMI nutritional supplements lovingly are made by experts using only natural and tested ingredients. They contain high-quality herbs and medicinal mushrooms that support the immune system, the metabolism and contribute to the maintenance of normal skin.
The products are 100% vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free, free from pesticides and heavy metals, and have been produced without animal testing.

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Mental motivational tips

Set intentions for the day

Deliberately plan breaks into your day and use them to meditate for five to ten minutes. Breathing exercises are a great way to quiet down and gather your thought. You could even listen to guided meditation sessions online, such as special motivational energy meditations. It is best to meditate during the morning. This will allow you to set new, positive intentions as a goal each day.

Design a vision board and visualise goals

Visualising goals is a brilliant way of making them more tangible. Grab a memo board or cardboard box, using it in a creative way to design your personal vision board with specific goals that you would like to achieve this year. Vision boards allow you to let your imagination and creative juices run oils. Position the vision board so that it is visible to you each and every day.