Power Mums in the Beauty Industry

Power Mums in the Beauty Industry

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Mums are our superheroes, best friends, role models and, sometimes, even our spiritual advisors. Today's blog post is a tribute to 3 successful executives who have established their own companies whilst raising a family - girl power at its best!

Sophie Ryba / Cosmeterie

First off, we'd like to introduce Sophie, the founder and absolute superwomen behind Cosmeterie. In 2014, Sophie launched Cosmeterie, her passion project that was aimed at giving independent shops and brands a platform to showcase their products online. Sophie not only manages and acts as a managing director of Cosmeterie, but has also recently taken on the role of a power mum too.

Dr. Theresa Friedrich / Derma ID

Tailor-made facial care products of the highest quality, that was Theresa Friedrich's goal when she decided to establish her own cosmetics brand in 2011. Today, the highly successful brand develops products for sensitive skin and allergy sufferers. The full product palette is produced in-house and inspected by hand before reaching the end customer. The power mum's best-selling products are Derma ID's products for mothers and children.

Isabel Zinnagl / Alma Babycare

Isabel Zinnagl was inspired by her daughter Alma. When Alma was born, Isabel notices that there were no suitable products for her newborn that met her requirements. She took things into her own hands by launching Alma Babycare in 2016. On top of that, she has been running her blog called "Salon Mama" which was founded in 2014 and is now also a mother of two.