Hand Cream Heroes that Knock Out Dry Skin

Hand Cream Heroes that Knock Out Dry Skin

SOS relief that delivers rapid moisture

Hands say it all and should leave behind a lasting impression. Dry, chapped skin is an uninviting sight and may even have an unpleasant taut feel to it. Our hands are exposed to environmental stressors, such as the sun, cold, water and soap daily, therefore, they require intensive and regular care.

Finding a good, suitable hand cream is not as easy as it sounds and should check the following criteria:

  • fast-absorbing
  • non-sticky and non-greasy
  • hydrating properties
  • nourishing and conditioning
  • contain effective ingredients

Hydrating Ingredients

Ingredients, such as aloe vera, provide intensive hydration whereas high-quality oils, honey, plant extracts and shea butter are highly nourishing, boost skin elasticity and encourage a youthful appearance. True North's Nourishing Hand Cream 8.3 lends dry and damaged hands a silky and soft feel thanks to olive oil, aloe vera, vitamin E and shea butter.

Cosmeterie tip: Moisturise your hands several times a day, especially after washing them, paying attention to the wrists and fingertips. In addition, dry cuticles can be conditioned using cuticle oil.

The Little Treasure Nourish Cuticle Oil by Nailberry with sweet almond oil removes excess skin and conditions dry and chapped areas with the aid of antioxidants and nutrients. Its vitamin complex - vitamins A, E, B1, B2 and B6 - has highly regenerative effects on the nails and cuticles.

Anti-aging Hand Creams

The skin on the back of the hands is particularly thin and, therefore, more susceptible to reflect the harm done by environmental factors in the form of pigmentation spots and wrinkles. This can be counteracted by using hand creams with UV protection and anti-aging actives, such as vitamin E. UV protection shields against premature skin aging caused by the harmful effects of the sun. Antioxidants, such as vitamin E, stimulate the body's ability to renew cells.

The skin689 Firm Skin Hand & Finger Rejuvenation is a skin-rejuvenating hand cream that is packed with high-performance ingredients that are proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fade age spots and plump the skin.

Cover image photo credits: Tiko Giorgadze @domenika via Unsplash