5 Make-up Hacks for Doe-like Eyes

5 Make-up Hacks for Doe-like Eyes

Incredible eye contouring tricks

1. Nude/White Eyeliner

Instead of using black eyeliner that makes the eyes appear narrow, opt for nude or white eyeliners instead. These create visibly larger-looking eyes and optically broaden the appearance of the eyeball. Tip: cream eyeliners have a longer wear and provide more coverage on the waterline.

2. Fine Eyeliner

A fine line drawn on the pier lash line adds just the right amount of expression for a wide-eyed look. Felt-tip eyeliners are particularly easy and quick to use to achieve this look, such as the Moart The Drawing Muse Pen Liner. Its ultra-fine tip provides precision application while the fast-drying formula provides longer wear.

3. Accentuate the Eyes a la Shimmer Eyeshadows

Gold, platinum or champagne shades add more than just a pretty element to your eye make-up, they also make the eyes appear larger than life thanks to light-reflecting properties. Tip: apply the shimmer shades to the centre of the eyelid only and gently blend the colour out. The JACK beauty line Flat Eyebrow Brush gives your eye make-up a professional and precise finish with an excellent colour payoff.

4. Cut Crease

The cut crease is a form of eye contouring that lends the eyes more depth and expression by combining light and dark shades. Lighter shades are applied to the centre of the lids and the inner corners of the eyes and gently blended to defuse any harsh lines. Darker shades, such as brown hues that flatter all skin tones, are used at the crease to create depth. It is important to fully blend the darker shades at the crease to give it a softer appearance.

5. Highlighting the Brows

The brows frame the face and can make or break a make-up look. Adding a small touch of highlighter or eyeshadow with a bit of shimmer to the brow bone can make the eyes appear bigger and more radiant. The Full Brow Highlight Stick provides a delicate shimmer and its champagne hue flatters all skin tones. The creamy consistency makes it a dream to blend.