Facial Rollers: Beauty Tools from the Far East

Facial Rollers: Beauty Tools from the Far East

Gua sha, rose quartz & jade rollers edit

What started out as hype has now become an indispensable part of our beauty routine. Facial rollers and the gua sha massaging tools are a must-have for targeted facial massages and achieve impressive effects.

Where do gua sha, rose quartz and jade rollers come from?

What has been a trend with us for several years has been anchored in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. Very early on, the Chinese recognised the hidden power of stones to relieve pain by removing harmful substances from the skin. Today, the anti-aging effects are used in form of rose quartz and jade rollers, as well as the gua sha for targeted facial massages.

What effect do the beauty tools have?

As briefly touched upon, the beauty tools are made from healing stones in different formats, designed for facial massages. There are 26 muscles and some lymphatic tracts found on the face that harden when stressed or lacking sleep which leads to the accumulation of fluid. The result is a pale complexion and puffy areas. The lymphatic system does not have its own pump and has to be activated through movement. By performing a facial massage, blood circulation is stimulated and pollutants are quickly and effortlessly removed. Additionally, the function of the skin, as well as its elastin and collagen production, are stimulated. The complexion appears plumper and skin radiance is boosted. Massaging the face helps improve the absorption of subsequent skincare formulas.

Rose quartz and jade rollers

Pink or green, rose quartz or jade - which is best? The healing stones do not only differ in colour, they also offer various different properties.

Jade: The jade stone represents health in Asia. It is considered detoxifying and relaxing, is said to have a soothing effect and to balance the acid-base levels.

Rose quartz: Stone made of rose quartz is said to have a firming effect and promote blood circulation. In Asia, it is said to relieve stress and support healing.

Direction for use: The facial massage should always take place on clean skin and performed in the morning and in the evening. Generally, the massage should begin at the centre of the face with repeated outward movements. Use a smaller roller for the eye region, gliding it from the eyelid towards the temple. Slowly work around the nose area, using a smaller rollers, massaging from the tip of the nose towards the eyebrows. Carefully work your way from the bottom of the neck upwards using a larger roller. One can also work a serum, face oil or day/night moisturiser into the skin using a facial roller.

Gua sha

The gua Ssha is also made from the precious stones, such as rose quartz or jade. This type of facial massage is supposed to free your skin of blockages and toxins; it is viewed as a type of detox treatment for the face. On the one hand, it promotes blood circulation to restore a fresh-looking appearance to the skin. It is also known for its anti-aging effect since it relaxes the facial muscles.

Directions for use: Much like the facial roller, the gua sha can be used for morning and evening massages performed on clean skin - ideally, it is used after a facial roller massage for best results. Apply a facial oil of your choice then start massaging the face. Always place the stone at the centre of the face, massaging outwards. Work your way upwards when massaging the neck.