5 Hacks for Flawless-Looking & Tanned Legs

5 Hacks for Flawless-Looking & Tanned Legs

The mercury is rising fast and it's time to pack out our summer wardrobe: flowing skirts, short shorts and slip-on dresses. But with that comes having to expose the skin, in particular, the legs. At the start of summer, our limbs tend to be on the paler side which makes cellulite, pigmentation spots and spider veins on the legs appear even more noticeable. Luckily, there are solutions to nearly all (cosmetic) "pickles". We've discovered 5 hacks that you can use to instantly achieve even and tanned legs for summer.

  • Tanning Lotion

Once the first summer rays bless us with their presence, the urge to get our tan on hits us like a stack of bricks. Excessive sun exposure combined with little sun protection not only increases the risk of skin cancer but also accelerates premature skin aging. Our go-to product to use is a gentle self-tanner. Streak-free tanning lotions can be applied in layers to bring about the desired suntan look in an effortless and rapid way.

  • Make-up for your Legs

Yes, you heard us. However, we're not referring to monotone, ultra-coverage foundations that are often used on the face, but rather a type of light-weight, tinted body lotion. These gems contain tiny shimmering particles that glam up the legs for a more slender and even-looking finish. A hint of colour adds a tanned finish to your legs in a matter of seconds. Tinted leg creams, like the Legology Sun-Lite Sheer Lingerie for Legs, acts like a soft-focus, second skin giving you bare-leg confidence like never before.

  • Anti-Cellulite Gadgets

Even though cellulite is not linked to any health risks nor does it cause pain, we still cringe at the sight of them and would do just about anything to have them disappear forever. However, getting rid of stubborn cellulite is near to impossible. But, don't fret, treatment methods do exist that help things along, like special suction cups. These are used on the skin affected by cellulite in conjunction with a body oil, and used on a daily basis to treat the thighs and bum. Simply place the cup on the affected areas, gently press the cup to promote the suction feature and glide the gadget along the skin in circular motions. The pressure caused by the cup stimulates circulation and encourages the detoxification process on a deeper level to break down fat deposits that can skin dimples.

  • Anti-Cellulite Creams

Highly effective anti-cellulite cream, like that of skin689 are powerful at stimulating the collagen synthesis and firming the connective tissue. Combining the cream with a massage alongside staying active and following a healthy diet will bring the best out of your legs.

  • Lotions & Tips against Heavy, Swollen Legs

Additional adverse effects resulting from the heat are heavy, tired legs and water retention which causes tightness in the legs and may even be painful at night. A quick ice-water bath for the feet or alternating between warm and cold water while taking a shower may help to counteract these problems. It also helps to elevate the legs at night to promote fast blood flow back into the body. Furthermore, we suggest using lotions that promote blood circulation, have a cooling effect are also effect at counteracting the heavy-leg-sensation.