Dark Under-eye Circles - 5 Useful Tips

Dark Under-eye Circles - 5 Useful Tips

How to combat dark under-eye circles

Dark circles around the eyes or swelling are often a side effect of a short night's rest or a strenuous week resulting from fatigue or stress. But, what can we do to minimise the appearance thereof?

The Root of the Problem


When we lack sleep, it leads to an oxygen deficit in the bloodstream which results in a decrease in the concentration of oxygen which, in turn, gives the blood a darker appearance. This becomes visible due to the skin around the eyes being thinner than elsewhere. The appearance of dark circles is promoted by the interplay between lack of oxygen and the rate at which it flows.


Feeling stressed, depleted, and exhausted causes our cells to lose water and the skin forms wrinkles and dark circles. This is more visible in the eye region since the skin around the eyes is more delicate.

5 Tips for Counteracting Dark Circles and Swelling

1. Vitamin A

A vitamin A-rich serum can work wonders. Highly concentrated vitamin A, found in pumpkins, for instance, acts as an elixir against wrinkles. It is also effective against hyperpigmentation thanks to its brightening effect. For a youthful and radiant eye area!

2. Proper Nutrition

On the one hand, substances like nicotine and alcohol age the skin and cause dark circles - these should be avoided at all costs. On the other hand, it is important to ensure that the body is consuming sufficient amounts of iron-dense food. This supports oxygen intake, storage and blood formation within the body. This fights dark under-eye circles from within.

3. Facial Rollers

Facial rollers made from rose quartz and jade not only firm the skin with regular use but are also known to reduce swelling. The smaller end of facial rollers is perfect for use around the eye area. Store your facial roller in the fridge to reduce swelling and target bags under the eyes.

4. Caffeine

Caffeine-rich creams stimulate blood circulation and promote the rate at which the blood flows. The thin vessels underneath the eyes tighten and take on a blue shade once more which effectively counteracts the appearance of dark circles.

5. Hydration

As is the case with all skin concerns: a high water intake can help to minimise the appearance of dark circles. Dark circles can often result from consuming too little H2O.