Business Women in the Beauty Industry

Business Women in the Beauty Industry

Discover beauty brands founded by influential women

March 8th - International Women's Day

International Women's Day has been drawing attention to the issues of equal rights and gender equality for several years now. In honour of this special day, we're introducing 4 brands founded by influential women in the beauty industry.

ILIA Beauty

Sasha Plavsic has always had very close ties to nature. After graduating, she moved to Los Angeles in 2006 where she worked as a fashion and cosmetics brand manager for several years. One day, her mother encouraged her to take a closer look at the ingredients found in her favourite lip balm. Sasha was shocked to discover that many of them were not safe. She immediately embarked on a new mission: creating a lip balm that is safe, effective and natural. And so, ILIA Beauty was born.

Dr. Tonar

As a renowned specialist in the field of aesthetic dermatology, Dr. Ursula Tonar's main focus is on the topic of skin and long-lasting beauty. For more than 15 years, Dr. Tonar has been researching skin(care) on the lookout for new, innovative active ingredients. She is an expert in her field and the namesake of Dr. Tonar Cosmetics. The brand works closely with its clients to develop high-quality and effective cosmetics for a flawless complexion.


Aliza Jabès has always been business savvy, a graduate of Science Po Paris, with an MBA in Marketing and Finance. Through her father, a pharmaceutical researcher, Aliza developed a special interest in the power of plants at an early age. Cosmetics have always been one of her greatest passions. In the early 1990s, she discovered a small research and development laboratory in Paris and made the decision to make this the starting point for a beauty brand comprised of products with effective, sensual ingredients of natural origin.

Elizabeta Zefi

Elizabeta Zefi, a successful hairdresser by trade, has been dealing with all things relating to hair and scalp on a daily basis for the past 20 years. Her approach: a healthy scalp is directly related to beautiful hair. In 2014, she opened her salon in Munich-Schwabnig and shortly afterwards developed her own hair care line with unique formulas. The authenticity of the brand as well as Elizabeta Zefi's expertise quickly led to international success.