AHAVA: The Power of Nature

AHAVA: The Power of Nature

The balance between nature and science

"We let nature lead our science of designing skin, hair and body care formulas that activate the skin from within."

The Story Behind AHAVA

AHAVA was founded in 1988 with a mission to develop cosmetic products in line with nature. The team is committed to the study, protection and devotion to nature. Thus, the region of the Dead Sea, in present-day Isreal, lies at the core of their research. They aspire to gain a better understanding of the types of minerals and plants that would benefit the skin, and how these can be incorporated into innovative formulas.

A Natural Phenomenon: AHAVA's Osmoter™

The legendary, patented Osmoter by AHAVA came about through the study of nature, skin and people. It is a mineral catalyst that provides an unparalleled moisture supply to the skin by using dynamic elements from the Dead Sea. Nutrients and moisture are transported from the depths of the skin towards the outer layers - AHAVA cosmetics thus activates the skin from within.

Always Eco-Conscious

One of the brand's pillars is based on the deep connection it has to our planet. As a result, care is taken to minimise the impact on the environment when producing their formulas. An example of this is their water recycling process in the production facility, using local flora to filter waste.

Formulas: A Closer Look

AHAVA believes that cosmetic formulas should be transparent to the customer. The product formulas promise

  • to be free from parabens
  • to be vegan - the full range
  • to endure strict allergy testing and are approved for sensitive skin.
  • that the natural ingredients are sourced from nature, never from GMOs.
  • formulas without the questionable compounds sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), phthalates, triclosan and mineral oils

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