Self-Care with FOREO

Self-Care with FOREO

Your daily 3-step skincare routine

A proper face care routine can often be neglected when faced with the stresses of everyday life. Yet it is particularly important for our well-being, and our skin and, when used regularly, ensures a healthy and youthful appearance. Wouldn't it be wonderful to pamper your skin conveniently, easily and quickly on a daily basis? With FOREO's tools, you can bring professional skincare and a daily 6-minute luxury spa experience into your home.

Step 1: Facial cleansing with LUNA™ 3

The first step in your skincare routine is to thoroughly cleanse your face to remove makeup and dirt. LUNA™ 3 helps you to optimally cleanse your skin and prep it for subsequent care. The silicone brush head is available in three different models - with touchpoints that are each specially developed for sensitive, normal and combination skin - and ensures effective and personalised cleaning for individual skin types. This way you can free your skin from make-up residues, sweat, impurities and dead skin cells in one simple step. The result: a soft, flawless complexion.

Step 2: Massage & tighten the skin with LUNA™ 3

The back of the smart LUNA™ 3 device takes care of the second step in your skincare routine: a variety of targeted massage routines that you can select in the FOREO app allows you to target different areas of your face with the massaging surface and the FOREO T-Sonic™ pulsations to stimulate the skin. Thus, tension points located in the muscles of the face are released, elastin and collagen production is promoted, the absorption of your care products is improved and your skin is tightened. Experience a complexion that looks fresh, revitalised and radiant!

Step 3: Mask application with UFO™ 2

Providing the skin with intensive hydration plays an important role in your beauty routine. A nourishing face mask is therefore the moisturising component. With heat, LED light and cryotherapy, as well as T-Sonic™ massage, UFO™ 2 not only provides your skin with moisture but also addresses your individual care needs with the special active ingredients found in the FOREO masks. The masks activated by UFO™ have been specially developed for use with the device so that the active ingredients can be transported deep into the skin for maximum effect. With this innovative tool, nothing stands in the way of noticeably well-groomed skin.