Make Your Summer Holiday Glow Last Longer

Make Your Summer Holiday Glow Last Longer

3 tips to keep your sun-kissed look even after summer

Summer vacation may be over, but that doesn't mean you have to say goodbye to your summery glow. Here are three must-haves that will help you retain your sun-kissed complexion even after summer!

For a radiant complexion

Verso's Daily Glow face cream provides your skin with a fresh boost of vitamin C and instantly gives it a radiant glow. It also contains protective antioxidants and promotes elasticity and better skin structure. The perfect face cream for daily use!

A summer tan all year round

Help your skin retain its glowing summer tan with a nourishing tanning lotion. Eclipse Tanning Mousse by Luna Bronze gives your skin a sun-kissed tan and leaves your skin enticingly fragrant with the signature blend of lemon myrtle, orange blossom and tangerine!

Sun-kissed skin

Nourishing skincare and glowing, sun-kissed skin with one product? The Liquid Light Serum Highlighter by ILIA gives your complexion a fresh and delicate shimmer. Furthermore, the delicate gel texture provides nourishing care and also protects the skin from blue light emitted by mobile phones and computer screens.