Nutricosmetics: Beauty from Within

Nutricosmetics: Beauty from Within

Resilient nails, even-looking complexion & healthy hair

The body and skin require a great deal of nutrients to achieve a healthy appearance and skincare alone does not cut it. An insufficient supply of micro and macronutrients can lead to skin problems such as dryness, oily or blemished skin as well as hair loss. A healthy and balanced diet is therefore essential including a supply of micronutrients (antioxidant-rich vital substances) that, among other things, ensure harmful free radicals are neutralised.


Nutricosmetics (the culmination of nutrition and cosmetics) facilities targeted nutritional supplements enriched with vital substances. It is a type of micronutrient and vitamin therapy combination that supports the immune system, boosts collagen production (anti-aging effect) and can ensure healthy-looking skin, hair and nails.

Coconut Oil To Go

The Tonik stands for beauty nutritional supplements that consist of purely natural ingredients with proven effects and contribute to well-being. For example, the Organic Coconut Oil Capsules contain cold-pressed coconut oil, which is known for its many positive effects on skin, hair and body.

Beauty from Within

The nutritional supplements developed by the German brand YULMI are made with only natural and tested ingredients. They contain high-quality herbs and medicinal mushrooms that support the immune system and metabolism, and contribute to the maintenance of normal skin. The Beauty Capsules, an intensive treatment for skin and hair enriched with vitamins A, B6, B12, and C as well as selenium and zinc, are perfect for beauty from within. This 30-day beauty treatment not only contributes to the maintenance of normal skin and resilient hair, but it also supports the body's own collagen production and cell renewal.

Regeneration Drink

REGENERAID® by Dr. Owl is a nutritional supplement that promotes physical and mental regeneration.
It is a liquid nutrient concentrate for the production of a caffeine-rich regeneration drink with choline, l-cysteine, electrolytes and minerals, guarana and B vitamins. The Cell Repair System ensures that the body's cell regeneration process is stimulated.

For an Even-looking Complexion

This powerful combination of the Jump Start Silica Supplements made of silica, vitamin E, calcium, folic acid, vitamin D3 and magnesium provides the organism with essential nutrients and antioxidants, boosts collagen production and ensures a healthy and even-looking complexion with regular use.

Photo credits: The Tonik