Brush Cleaning Tips & Tricks

Brush Cleaning Tips & Tricks

Why clean your make-up brushes?

Make-up brushes collect product and pigment residues on the bristles from the make-up products used. This will hinder the flawless application of powder, blush and foundation. What's more, the dirt, dust and residual make-up components found on the bristles form the ideal breeding ground for bacteria. This could lead to unwanted skin impurities and irritation. No amount of skincare products can hinder the effect of bacteria coming into contact with the skin as a result of dirty make-up brushes. Cleaning make-up brushes and make-up sponges on a regular basis will prevent the occurrence of impurities and ensure the longevity of the tools.

How frequently should brushes be cleaned?

⫸ Make-up brush and beauty tools, such as sponges, applicators and such, should be cleaned at least every two week - ideally, once a week. Foundation brushes should be cleaned on a daily basis or every other day.

How to clean your brushes

⫸ To ensure that your brushes remain germ-free and durable, it is advised to use special tools and brush cleaners that remove product residues quickly, gently and effectively.

Spray cleaners give brushes a quick clean between deep-cleaning sessions. Simply spritz the bristles, wipe clean and allow to dry. This method does not replace deep-cleaning sessions.

Special brush cleaning shampoos or soaps can be used to thoroughly clean the bristles. The formulas are gentle on the fibres and provide a mild cleanse without causing them to dry out.

Brush cleaning tools with various kinds of surface textures, such as knobs or bristles, enable a thorough, quick and gentle cleaning action. The wet brush is coated in a small amount of cleaning agent and gently swirled on the textured surface of the silicone pad until a lather is formed to lift away any debris. Hold the brushes under running water to rinse. Gently shape the bristles and gently press them to remove any excess water. Place the brush on a clean towel and allow it to air dry with the brush head facing down in a slightly angled position. This prevents any moisture from getting caught inside the handle which could damage the glue. A special brush holder can help the brushes dry in an upside-down position.

Brush cleaning made easy

The 2X Sigma Spa® Brush Cleaning Glove by Sigma Beauty removes dirt, oil or make-up buildup. Fast and effective cleaning thanks to eight advanced cleaning textures. Particularly practical: the glove is suitable for the right and left hand.