Advent Calendar Door No. 13

Sunday, 13. December 2020

Advent Calendar Door No. 13

Cosmeterie Advent Calendar Countdown

Door no. 13 holds the key to Paula's Choice Nightly Reconditioning Moisturizer!

It repairs damage overnight and shields the skin against environmental influences. The Defense Nightly Reconditioning Moisturizer by Paula's Choice is enriched with 8 superfood extracts that act as a protective barrier on the skin. Peptides, linseed oil and wild cherry extract (rich in antioxidants and vitamin C) soothe irritated skin, strengthen the skin's protective barrier shielding it from environmental factors such as pollution and blue light. Fine lines are smoothed and the skin is supplied with sufficient moisture overnight. A light-weight cream that does not cause any greasiness.

Content: Deluxe sample, 15 ml