Advent Calendar Door No. 18

Advent Calendar Door No. 18

Cosmeterie Advent Calendar Countdown

A true, all-round treasure is being revealed today: the Egyptian Magic Skin Cream!

The Egyptian Magic Skin cream is ...

  • inspired by an ancient Egyptian formula that Cleopatra used to keep radiant skin.
  • the beauty secret of many celebrities like Madonna, Gisèle Bundchen and Eva Longoria!
  • suitable for the face, hands and body.
  • Leaves the skin smooth and soft when used in the morning and in the evening, thanks to the benefits of its 100% natural ingredient composition.
  • Made up of only 6 ingredients: olive oil, royal jelly, honey, propolis, pollen and beeswax.
  • A rich balm that melts when in contact with the skin, matching the needs of the whole family: an all-in-one essential.

Content: Sample, 7.5 ml