Yukies - Good Products. Good Karma.

For happy babies & mums

Minimalist natural cosmetics that make the soul, environment and skin happy. Inspired by the Slow Cosmétique movement, made in Vienna.

High-quality, minimalist and vegan formulas combined with carefully selected raw materials form the core of Yukie's product philosophy. The range has a colourful and sustainable design.

Mild natural cosmetics with a minimalistic approach.

Yukies: 5 products


  • Yukies Baby Oil

    Yukies Baby Oil, 150 ml

    • For sensitive skin
    • Nourishing effect
    • Protects the skin
  • Yukies Tummy Massage Stick

    Yukies Tummy Massage Stick, 20 g

    • For sensitive skin
    • With cocoa butter
    • Perfume-free
  • Yukies Body Butter

    Yukies Body Butter, 100 g

    • For sensitive skin
    • Special pregnancy care
    • Vegan formula
  • Yukies Gift Box

    Yukies Gift Box

    • For all skin types & sensitive skin
    • Scrub, massage stick, oil & body butter
    • Vegan formulas
  • Yukies Sugar Scrub

    Yukies Sugar Scrub, 200 g

    • For all skin types
    • Contains rose petals
    • With organic sugar crystals

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