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The American it-aesthetician, Joanna Vargas, develops modern cosmetics using advanced formulas with the aim of decreasing the use of botox. Highly effective, non-invasive treatments that are customised to each skin type are popular among Hollywood stars such as Julianne Moore, Maggie Gyllenhaal and P.Diddy.

Joanna Vargas aims to not only reduce the needs for botox treatments using advanced cosmetics: "We are looking for technology that will surpass the need for plastic surgery in the future." Her international success proves that the brand is on the right track.

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Joanna Vargas has always had one goal in mind: smoother and glowing skin for all her customers. Preferably without the use of botox. She has become one of the most sort-after beauticians and expert in the cosmetic industry. Celebrities are lining up at her NY and LA studios. Her own brand is receiving raw reviews from celebrities, supermodels, beauty editors and women seeking only the best products for their skin.