Meet the founder: ALL TIGERS

Meet the founder: ALL TIGERS

Cosmeterie interviews Alexis Robillard

Every brand tells a story - and today, Alexis Robillard is sharing the story behind the French brand, ALL TIGERS.

As a start, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your career path?

I am French, living near Paris, I am a father of 3. I have been working for international beauty brands for 15 years, but to be honest, I did not know much about make-up before ALL TIGERS… It all started with my daughter!

What inspired you to start your company and why is your focus on being eco-friendly?

I read once on the web that, over her lifetime, a woman would eat up to 2kg of lipstick... And when you dig into that, most formulas are quite nonsense, mainly made up of petrochemical ingredients, animal-derived components... This information suddenly came to my mind when my daughter was looking for her first lipstick. She was probably 11 at that time. She was going to summer camp, and you know that such camp always ends up with a big party, which is quite an event for a pre-teenage girl! My daughter was looking for her first lipstick and I wanted to help. There's a lot of dubious ingredients in formulas, as I said, but I could say the same for the image of women that is portraited by most brands, always strongly linked to seduction. This does not fit with how women around me envision make-up! For them, it is not a matter of seducing men, but mainly being confident, feeling strong and determined… This was the starting point for ALL TIGERS. This gap between women's real expectations and what the industry offers, in terms of formulas or imagery, has a basic reason: users are not listened to. I started to build a community on Instagram, to co-create the perfect lipstick, in line with women's desires and convictions. The result: vegan and plant-based formulas, sustainable packagings, intense and
long-lasting colours.

What’s the story behind the name of the brand?

One of my friends told me that this process involving women echoed her own feminist convictions. And she told me this paradox: "being feminist means feeling very powerful and very threatened, at the same time." "Like tigers, strong but disappearing?". I asked, and she
said: "Exactly, we are all tigers". ALL TIGERS, this was a revelation! We aim at empowering women but we are aware of all the threats they encounter. And beyond the symbolic, real tigers get their royalties :-) ALL TIGERS is a proud member of 1% FOR THE PLANET and we give back.

Where do you see your brand in 5 years' time?

The beauty industry has to move much more rapidly towards more ethics, more natural products, and be more respectful of users. We are a young company, a small team, and still, we manage to expand quite rapidly. This is true because we stick strongly to our values, and defend a new vision of make-up, more committed, more conscious. In 5 years, I hope ALL TIGERS will continue to thrive and inspire many existing brands internationally to change their way of going about things.

Which ALL TIGER product is your favourite?

Choosing one specific product is like choosing between my children! (laughter) But I have a particular admiration for our Matte Lipstick "CALL ME QUEEN", I have so many women around me telling me stories like "The day I had a big interview…"The day I had this major meeting...", "The day I had this key appointment..", and how this special pure red lip colour just boosted their self-esteem. That’s the magic of ALL TIGERS. Join us and roaRRR!