Beauty meets High-Tech

Beauty meets High-Tech

Welcome to the new beauty era!

The SpectraLite FaceWare PRO is a high-tech light therapy mask by Dr. Dennis Gross is an effective at-home device that smooths over fine lines, clears acne and counteracts discolouration in under 3 minutes a day!

The high-tech mask is equipped with 100 red LED lights and 62 blue LED which opens up three different methods of treatment: red light, blue light or a combination of the two.

Red light therapy promotes natural collagen and elastin production to reduces the appearance of wrinkles, colouration, sun damage and redness while increasing the density of the skin.

Acne-causing bacteria is prevented thanks to the effect of the blue light therapy that fights the formation of impurities on the skin.

A combination of red and blue light therapy targets wrinkles and acne. Redness is soothed, inflammation reduced and the density of the skin is noticeably improved.

The mask is super easy to use: Simply place on your face after cleansing, secure the adjustable head strap and select the mode of treatment. The device switches off automatically after three minutes. The light therapy mask is ideal for travelling as it comes with a travel bag and a universal USB charging cord.