5 Tips for More Sustainability in the Bathroom

5 Tips for More Sustainability in the Bathroom

Beauty in harmony with the environment

Sustainability is becoming a way of life. But, how best to go about it must be taught. We have compiled 5 easy-to-follow steps to make your bathroom more sustainable.

1. No more plastic packaging!

Let's start with the obvious: reducing plastic packaging in the bathroom. Fortunately, more and more brands are opting for a more sustainable approach to packaging their products, be it glass, sugar cane or recycled materials. Bamboo has become a popular alternative because it is one of the fastest-growing plants in the world.

At Cosmeterie, we do our best to play our part by utilising 100% biodegradable filling material and outer carton packaging.

2. Reusable products

Is your trash can overflowing with disposables, such as cotton pads, cotton buds or tampons? This would be a good place to start reducing waste as a next step. There are great sustainable alternatives for single-use products these days. They are the more planet-friendly and economical solution. How about swapping out these disposables for microfibre cotton pads instead?

Cosmeterie tip: The PURE SKIN FOOD Organic Cleansing Pads & Cosmetic Towel Deluxe Set offers a wonderful solution for conventional cotton pads. What's more, the fabrics are fairly produced in an integrative workshop in Peru by hearing-impaired women that are trained to be seamstresses.

3. Solid over liquid cosmetics

Shampoo, conditioner and shower gel packaging accumulate very quickly. A more eco-friendly alternative is the solid counterparts. Solid shampoo or hair soap, for instance, does not contain a water component and does not require any preservatives or plastic packaging. Furthermore, the solid versions tend to be more compact with saves on valuable bathroom storage.

Cosmeterie tip: The Foamie HIbiscus Solid Shampoo conditions damaged hair and lends it a silky-soft feel. This nifty hair care product is also housed in plastic-free packaging.

4. Dental care

Conventional toothbrushes are made from plastic and petroleum which are harmful to our planet. The more sustainable option would be opting for toothbrushes made from bamboo. These are often vegan, compostable and sustainable. Also, a fantastic alternative to toothpaste is tooth tablets in plastic-free packaging.

Cosmeterie tip: Check out the All Natural Oral Care Kit by Stop The Water! They contain everything needed for a healthy and brilliant smile.

5. Fair beauty

When referring to fair beauty, we are referring to fairtrade natural cosmetics. Fairtrade extracts are sourced from eco-friendly, resource-saving farming that supports the sustainable development thereof. Employees have better working conditions and often nonprofit products in the region are finiánically supported. Fairtrade ingredients are indicated with the seal of approval on the product packaging itself.