Abhati Suisse - Fusing Swiss Botanicals with Himalayan Plant

Luxurious, sustainable and fair-trade beauty products

In the ancient Indian language, Sanskrit, Abhati means splendour, magnificence and light referencing the roots of the brand's Swiss founder Anju Rupal who grew up in London.

The product line is made up of exclusively natural organic herbal essences sourced from Switzerland and the Himalayas. Abhati Suisse beauty products are free of preserving agents, artificial dyes, sulphates and mineral oils. The packaging is composed of 100% recyclable plastic or MIRON, special glass bottles with violet lightwaves that permanently revive and energise the molecular structure of the substance it holds.

The captivating design was created by none other than Paperlux, an internationally known design studio located in Hamburg, that works closely with the likes of luxury brand Hermès.

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